Considerations For Military Personnel

As a military service member, you probably have a secret clearance already. Although not all jobs in the military require a security clearance, most do, and personal misconduct – even false allegations, minor administrative punishment, and merely being investigated, can drastically affect your career and your security clearance guidelines.

Why It Matters To The Military

Your commanders hold all of the keys to your future. Even the lowest ranking supervisor can start a series of events that will cascade into months and years of defending your career, and ultimately your security clearance.

As you know, an allegation of misconduct — even a false accusation, can lead to an investigation and "titling" by NCIS, OSI, or CID, a Memorandum of Reprimand, nonjudicial punishment, or a court-martial.

These investigations can then lead to a board of inquiry or administrative separation, which can then result in removal from a promotion list, demotion on the retired list, etc. More than likely, as is all too evident these days, all of these things being thrown at you at once by your command, the personnel commands, and maybe even the Pentagon. Any one of these things will, in all likelihood, lead to a Notice of Intent to Revoke your clearance, a.k.a. a "statement of reasons."

What Can You Do As A Service Member?

Receiving NJP, or a letter of reprimand does not necessarily mean the end of your career. But, the loss of your clearance can and will. You must be ready to defend your career and the facts that started all of the adverse proceedings.

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