Security Clearance Process

Security Clearance Process And Information

Many certifications you need for work can be completed on your own. You can go online, take a class and, in short order, have another line on your resume. However, if you're looking to obtain a government security clearance you will need help through the process. Kerim Bey Law Partners, LLC, located in Philadelphia wants to be your guide from start to finish in the application process.

Applying for a security clearance requires specific information, paperwork and procedure to be sent to certain government agencies. This guide is meant to serve as a basic introduction to security clearances and the process to obtaining one.

What Kind Of Security Clearance Is Available?

Three different kinds of clearances are available. Each one allows its holder access to specific information and requires a careful level of scrutiny in the application. Four government agencies are the primary issuers of security clearances, including:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Justice
  • National Security Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency

Three levels of clearance are available as follows:

  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

Use The Guidance Of Kerim Bey Law Partners, LLC, When Applying For A Clearance

When it comes time to apply for a security clearance, you will need to work with a professional who understands security clearances, your employer and the government. The application for your clearance is usually completed in four steps, although more may be required with an appeal as follows:

  1. Verifying U.S. citizenship, fingerprinting and filling out an SF-86.
  2. The government conducts background checks and interviews.
  3. The government adjudicates your case based on a set of factors.
  4. Your clearance is granted or denied. An appeal may follow this step if necessary.

Obtaining your security clearance should come with the help of Kerim Bey Law Partners, LLC. Their staff has experience in and understands foreign affairs, military affairs and matters of national security. Get started for free today by calling their office in Pennsylvania 215-437-0953 or send an email.