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July 2018 Archives

Security clearances now affecting immigrant military recruits

According to the National Immigration Forum, as many as 5,000 immigrants join the military every year. Many jobs in the military require servicemembers to have some level of security clearance. Due to the rigorous requirements presented by the military to obtain a security clearance, many immigrants are subject to extra scrutiny in this process.

Uncertainty abounds with the security clearance process changes

Periodically, the federal government announces changes in procedures designed to make processes faster and more efficient. One of the recent announcements concerned security clearances. The Department of Defense will be taking over the background investigation function from the Office of Personnel Management. Like many other people throughout the country, many Pennsylvania residents may be wondering how and when that transition will take place.

Timing is crucial in the security clearance application process

Working for the federal government or a government contractor can provide a lucrative and satisfying career. However, for many Pennsylvania residents, that means being able to obtain a security clearance. Getting through the application process can cause trepidation, stress and anxiety, especially since they know that their employment could be at stake.

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