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November 2018 Archives

Will a 'checkered past' keep you from a security clearance?

If you are like many other Philadelphia residents, you may not have made the best decisions in your formative years. Perhaps you have a "checkered past," which could jeopardize your ability to obtain a security clearance. Even if your records were expunged, that may not prevent the government from knowing about it. 

Whistleblower stripped of security clearance over military app

Anthony Kim noticed a problem with the Navy's tactical mapping apps known as KILSWITCH and APASS. The apps were designed for use in combat, but soldiers were downloading them to personal devices that lacked proper encryption. This opened the apps to a hacking risk. Kim, a civilian program analyst, knew this problem posed a very real danger in combat. He works for the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. He is a major with 28 years of military service. He was a Navy pilot and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), someone who orders combat airstrikes.   

Security clearance issues: People don't work in the same job now

Unlike decades ago, people across the country, including many here in Pennsylvania, tend not to remain in one job for 20 to 30 years anymore. Instead, they move around for many reasons such as the need for a new challenge, boredom or a change in direction in life. In any case, having a security clearance under these circumstances can get dicey since each new position may require a "new" clearance. Many people are now saying that it would just be easier for a security clearance to be attached to a person instead of a job.

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