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Security clearance issues: People don't work in the same job now

Unlike decades ago, people across the country, including many here in Pennsylvania, tend not to remain in one job for 20 to 30 years anymore. Instead, they move around for many reasons such as the need for a new challenge, boredom or a change in direction in life. In any case, having a security clearance under these circumstances can get dicey since each new position may require a "new" clearance. Many people are now saying that it would just be easier for a security clearance to be attached to a person instead of a job.

Of course, people would still only receive a security clearance the first time when applying for a position that requires one. Thereafter, it would belong to them unless or until someone determines that it needs to be taken away. This way, if an individual transfers between governmental agencies or private contractors who work with the government, he or she would already have a clearance.

Now that the government is implementing a plan to continuously evaluate individuals for issues with their security clearances, this may become more feasible. This could make clearances more "current," which means that the need for another investigation at some point in the future could also go away. When a person no longer works in a field or industry that requires a clearance he or she could keep it for possible future employment as long as it does not lapse.

Until reforms are made to the security clearance processes and procedures, Pennsylvania clearance holders will continue to deal with the current "headaches" the system can cause. Streamlining the system could have numerous advantages, especially considering the fact people rarely remain in one position for their entire careers. Instead, they tend to move around for a variety of reasons. At any point, an individual could end up encountering obstacles to keeping, modifying or otherwise changing this vital part of his or her employment.

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