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What kind of security clearances are there?

Pennsylvania residents who apply for jobs with the federal government could end up working with sensitive information. In order to ensure that those applicants can be trusted with that information, the government requires them to apply for and obtain security clearances. The time, money and thoroughness required during the process depends on the type of security clearance required for the position.

Obviously, the more sensitive the information an applicant will see, the higher the clearance required, which means more time, cost and investigation. Three levels of security clearance exist. The first, called confidential, would cause some harm to national security if an individual revealed sensitive information. The second, called secret, would seriously harm the security of the country if an individual revealed sensitive information. The third, called top secret, would lead to grave harm to national security if sensitive information was revealed.

Government agencies consider some information so sensitive that it falls within one of two additional categories. These are Special Access Programs and Sensitive Compartmented Information. Access to these types of information may not even be granted to those holding top secret security clearances unless they have a need to know. What type of clearance an individual would need depends on the position and the assignments a person in such a position would be given.

When applying for federal jobs that involve security clearances, Pennsylvania residents may want to find out what type of clearance the job requires before submitting an application. The higher the clearance, the more information the government will need in order to make a determination regarding whether to grant it. Understanding what information will be needed, how the process works and whether a particular person's past could raise any red flags may help make sense of what will happen and how it goes.

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