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Don't believe everything you read about security clearances

Like people all across the country, Pennsylvania residents often turn to the internet when researching certain topics. While this can yield some useful information, many results should be taken with a grain of salt. This includes any answers to questions regarding security clearances that applicants may have.

For instance, an internet search about seeking out mental health counseling could cause an applicant to believe it would not be a good idea. Apparently, some search results regarding this issue say that admitting to this type of counseling could lead to an immediate denial of a security clearance. In most cases, it does not prevent someone from receiving a clearance. On the other hand, failing to seek help for a mental health condition could.

Do not try to fool a polygraph machine. Even though the results would not hold up in court, the test is still performed on applicants who want a security clearance. Failing to provide truthful information out of some mistaken thought that it could be "beaten" will more than likely end up in appearing deceptive, thus resulting in the denial of a clearance. One of the areas that make many applicants nervous is the question about using drugs such as marijuana. Lying about using this or any other illegal drug all but guarantees a denial, while telling the truth may not.

The best thing that Pennsylvania residents applying for security clearances can do is tell the truth. If anyone questions whether a piece of information will result in a denial, it would be a good idea to find the answer. Instead of relying on the internet, it would probably work better to discuss the matter with an attorney who has experience in helping applicants get through the process.

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