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There are no secrets when applying for a security clearance

If you are like other Pennsylvania residents who have applied for jobs with the federal government, you may not be looking forward to going through every aspect of the applications process. Perhaps one of the most disconcerting aspects of the process is applying for a security clearance. No one likes exposing their past indiscretions, mistakes or bad decisions, but there are no secrets if you want the job.

The government will conduct an investigation into your background that gets increasingly thorough and lengthy depending on the level of clearance you need. More than likely, the investigator or investigators assigned to your application will find out all of your secrets. Knowing this, the best course of action is to face them head-on and be forthcoming about them.

This is especially true when it comes to your encounters with law enforcement. If you have a DUI, experimented with illegal drugs or have ever been arrested by any law enforcement agency, you can bet it will come out. If you fear this may keep you from obtaining a security clearance, you could be right. However, it may be possible to mitigate the damage, and that starts with letting the investigator know before he or she finds it or brings it up.

Even if you think enough time has passed or that the charge was a misdemeanor, so it should not matter, do not count on it. The charge or conviction itself may not make a difference, but your honesty and willingness to confess your secrets upfront could make all the difference. If you do have something like this in your past, you probably need to work with a Pennsylvania attorney who regularly helps people attempting to get a security clearance because you are definitely not the first, nor the last, person facing this dilemma.

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