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A security clearance can be invaluable in the private sector

When Pennsylvania residents separate from the military, they often begin searching for employment in the private sector. While military service already provides them with an edge, a security clearance could make them immeasurably more attractive as a candidate to government contractors. Someone who already has a clearance saves such companies the cost associated with the process.

Depending on the type of clearance a potential employer requires of a candidate, it can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to $15,000 or more. Moreover, already having a security clearance tells hiring managers that a Pennsylvania resident probably has a clean background. Since many companies now perform background checks on prospective employees, this could be just one more step to skip.

In order to make sure that an existing security clearance will provide benefits to an individual as a civilian, it may be a good idea to make sure that nothing "derogatory" appears in his or her file that could jeopardize the clearance. Obtaining this information may be problematic. The Defense Security Service may withhold some information while releasing other information.

Anyone who questions whether any information garnered through a periodic reinvestigation or a single scope background investigation could prevent him or her from keeping a clearance can take steps to look into the matter. Retaining a security clearance after leaving the military could open up new avenues of employment. For this reason, it is imperative to make sure nothing can jeopardize it. An individual in need of this information may come up against certain obstacles, but that does not mean it cannot be obtained and the matter addressed to achieve the best possible outcome.

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