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Security clearances, financial issues and the government shutdown

It is estimated that approximately 800,000 people across the country, surely including many living here in Pennsylvania, are affected by the partial government shutdown. These individuals could sustain significant financial issues as a result the longer it goes on. For those with security clearances, it could also jeopardize their livelihood when they attempt to return to work.

Common reasons for the denial of a security clearance

It can be difficult for a Pennsylvania resident to know how a particular piece of information about him or her will be perceived. When it comes to obtaining a security clearance, that individual could be left second-guessing every action or potential indiscretion in his or her past. Numerous issues could cause the denial of a clearance, but some appear more often than others.

Can a security clearance be affected by debt?

The simple answer to that question is, yes. When receiving a security clearance, an individual's financial background absolutely plays a role in whether one is granted or denied. However, it is not just what a Pennsylvania resident does prior to receiving a clearance that makes a difference. As a service member or someone else working in a position with access to classified information moves forward, how debt obligations are handled could affect whether he or she gets to keep that clearance.

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