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Posts tagged "Security Clearances And Personal Misconduct"

Personal conduct affects past and future security clearances

When applying for any job, Pennsylvania residents are probably aware that past criminal conduct could affect whether an employer will hire them. What they may not realize is that personal conduct that does not rise to the level of criminal activity could jeopardize their ability to retain or receive security clearances for positions that require them. Guideline E outlines the behaviors that could result in the suspension, revocation or denial of clearances.

Don't believe everything you read about security clearances

Like people all across the country, Pennsylvania residents often turn to the internet when researching certain topics. While this can yield some useful information, many results should be taken with a grain of salt. This includes any answers to questions regarding security clearances that applicants may have.

Honesty is the best policy in the security clearance process

Just about everyone has at least one minor indiscretion in their past. When it comes to obtaining a security clearance, a Pennsylvania applicant may believe that omitting that fact from the application could give him or her a better chance at receiving a clearance. Unfortunately, this strategy could cost such an individual a security clearance.

Can some personal misconduct threaten a security clearance?

Everyone makes mistakes. However, for a Pennsylvania resident who holds a security clearance, certain errors in judgment could have embarrassing and costly consequences. For instance, an "innocent" encounter on the internet could lead to someone attempting to compromise such an individual.

Will a 'checkered past' keep you from a security clearance?

If you are like many other Philadelphia residents, you may not have made the best decisions in your formative years. Perhaps you have a "checkered past," which could jeopardize your ability to obtain a security clearance. Even if your records were expunged, that may not prevent the government from knowing about it. 

Defense funding bill includes warning re security clearances

Pennsylvania residents who work for the federal government may have heard about the sex scandals occurring in the military in the last few years. Many people believe the buck stops at the Pentagon, and Congress agrees. The new defense funding bill includes a warning that those facing allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct could lose their security clearances regardless of rank or position in the Pentagon.

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